Pillars of Solomon

The “Pillars of Solomon Award” is established by the Grand Lodge of Arkansas to provide reconition to Master Masons for their outstanding service to their Lodge.   This award is presented annually to a Brother Mason who has contributed to the success and well being of the Lodge.   The man receiving this award has demonstrated through his conduct and actions during the preceding years his dedication and willingness to serve not only his Lodge but the Craft in general.   As a Lodge and through this award we honor the recipient as a valued member of our Lodge and it goes without saying that the “Pillars of Solomon Award” is without doubt, one of the highest honors any Mason, in any Lodge can ever receive.
The Award is a medallion cast of solid bronze, as were the pillars at the porch of King Solomon’s Temple.   The medallion is suspended on a ribbon of purple and white.   The purple denotes it is a Grand Lodge Award.   Thje white represents the lambskin apron, the badge of a Mason.   The wreath that surrounds the pillars denotes unselfish service, the purest form of service given by man.


 Pillars of Solomom Awards
For Jonesboro Lodge #129


  Richard Gambill
1991  Gary Tidwell
2003 Earnest Coleman
2004  Doug Hodges
2007 Roy Oden
2008 Walt Bergener
2009 Mike Noles
2010 Don Hancock
2010 Ed Cleaves
2011 Roger Blankenship
2012 Darrell Gifford
2014 Curtis Pace
2015  Charlie Finlay
2016 Mike Swindle

   (2010 Forrest City)  James Horman